ERP at the Speed of Right

Ensure a successful journey from startup to global leader.

Merit for Life Science and Microsoft Dynamics 365: pre-configured ERP to fit your unique journey.

ERP with the right functionality at the right time to balance budget and growth. 

Pre-Configured ERP

ERP for Right Now.
And for what’s ahead.

Merit Solutions Right Start is a pre-configured ERP offering embedded with Microsoft Dynamics 365 that includes the financial and supply chain components every rapid growth life science company needs as they shift from R&D to pre-clinical operations.

Provided through the Microsoft Cloud, this offering leverages familiar systems including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams and Azure services.

Merit Solutions Right Start is Microsoft Dynamics 365, Merit for Life Science, and Microsoft Azure in a single deployment, natively integrated within a secure cloud platform.

The Right Start for Life Science

One of the biggest hurdles for any organization in predicting and achieving consistent growth is choosing the ERP platform that supports growth readiness and operational efficiency.

We’re here to help ensure you right-size your software investment with appropriate funding and resources.


Envision Your First ERP As Your Last

Meet with our experts in a Catalyst envisioning workshop, where we’ll use design-led thinking concepts to jointly define how to enable the digital transformation of your organization. Together, we’ll implement the solution that you need today for the possibilities of tomorrow.

Financial Management

Ensure financials and financial controls are in place to achieve investment / IPO goals while safeguarding sustainable growth.


Ensure software security and compliance in a world of hybrid workers.

Cost Tracking

Improve your visibility into spending and cost tracking.


Maintain the validation of your GMP cloud solution.


Tackle procurement, quality, manufacturing, and inventory management and controls at the right time.

Ready to Get Started?

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FREE Digital Infrastructure Framework

Ready your business for the road ahead.

As a biotech, pharma, or medical device organization, you need to ensure that your business is future-ready with a digital infrastructure that is responsive to your business strategy.

This spreadsheet-based tool provides business leaders with some of the questions you’ll face as your organization transitions through different stages of growth.

Dive in and identify what you should be preparing for to ensure you have the necessary technology and business solutions in place. 

What’s Included:

Use the Digital Framework Tool to help build your infrastructure plan. Explore these work areas and ask the critical questions necessary to identify where you have risk or opportunity, and determine the effort and timeframe needed to address it. 


Make the


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