Advisory Services
Your Path to Digital Success

With growth and profitability on the line, you can’t afford a failed project.
Trust Merit Solutions’ Advisory Services to lead you on a strategic path to digital success.
Manufacturing In Digital Age

Advisory Services

Considering changes to your enterprise infrastructure? Whether you need to move your data center to the cloud, simplify and modernize your business apps, or improve data intelligence and analytics – trust that Merit Solutions can help your team evaluate digital strategies, assess implementation models, analyze and develop ROI, and establish a project roadmap that reduces risk while maintaining quality.

Cloud Readiness Assessment​

Evaluate your current infrastructure landscape and help envision a future state in the cloud that aligns with business goals.

Cloud Migration Planning

Discover and assess existing software and workloads, identify target destinations, and prepare to make the move to the cloud.

Solution Analysis, Scoping, and Design

Evaluate infrastructure and fit/gap to business strategies. Establish scope, migration plans, and solution design documentation.

Data Architecture Design

Structured approach for designing Azure apps and workloads that are secure, highly-available, performant and resilient.


Cloud TCO and ROI Analysis

Document the TCO of your current app infrastructure and provide an ROI analysis for moving to the Azure cloud.

Business Opportunity Identification

Find ways to leverage data to make better decisions quicker and exploit new opportunities faster than competitors.

ERP Evaluations

Successful ERP implementations are crucial to the long term performance and profitability of your business.

Business Process Improvement

Assess current business activities and flows, perform value analysis, and identify areas to eliminate waste and make work repeatable.

Advisory Services​


Cut Costs and Boost Productivity

Eliminate high maintenance apps, internal data center resource requirements, and silos of legacy systems. Streamline processes and increase effectiveness.

Estimate Costs and Analyze ROI

Gauge both the direct and indirect costs and benefits of moving apps and workloads to the cloud, more accurately calculate TCO, and use real numbers to evaluate ROI.

Reduce Operating / IT Complexity

Simplify your enterprise infrastructure and decommission / replace legacy or complex business apps with a modern, easy-to-use, and integrated business platform.


Automate processes, improve internal controls, increase infrastructure and data center security, and protect against the risk of losing app “owners” or mainstream support.

Improve the Customer Experience

Provide customers with accurate, real-time information about products or services – when, where, and how they want it. Improve effectiveness of sales and field teams.

to Success

Identify and document risks, milestones, methodologies, and key success factors – providing your company with a project plan that has a higher chance of succeeding and driving value.

Advisory Services​

When to use Advisory Services:


Lack Internal IT Resources

Recent security threats, whether internal or industry, require you to assess infrastructure security and implement improvements.


Employees, partners, and customers do not have access to accurate information to do their job or buy your products/services.


Contracts, Licenses up for Renewal

Rather than just renewing current contracts or on-premises licenses, consider how you can leap forward through modernization.


Outdated technologies and process inefficiencies are inhibiting growth, slowing innovation, and negatively influencing the customer experience.

Information Challenges

Outdated technologies and process inefficiencies are inhibiting growth, slowing innovation, and negatively influencing the customer experience.

Advisory Services​