Mobile Applications
Empowering people in the digital age

Mobile applications give your employees, customers, and partners the ability to pick up any device and have instant
access to all of the data, tools, interfaces, and controls they need.
Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

In today’s digital world, mobile applications are the
driving force in empowering your workforce, increasing
their productivity and giving them any time, anywhere
access on the go. Digital transformation has reinvented
the meaning of an office, instead allowing your employees
to find a solution to their unique situations.

Embracing mobility gives organizations a competitive advantage
helping them streamline workflows and decreasing the amount
of time it takes to deliver significant value.

Trust our experts to connect your workforce, processes,
things and data throughout your organization becoming
the leader in digital business.

Merit_Solutions_Mobile_Applications_Stanley Steamer
Stanley Steemer - Van - Mobile Applicattions

Case Study: Stanley Steemer Mobile Solution

For more than 60 years, Stanley Steemer has been the leading residential and commercial cleaning organization in the nation with more than 1,500 yellow vans, 300 locations, and coverage in 48 states.

An early adopter of mobile solutions in the field, Stanley Steemer’s mobile applications and technologies were quickly becoming outdated. When leadership recognized that the legacy technology needed a modern refresh to handle the expected growth and product line expansions in the years to come, they worked with Merit Solutions on a new cross-platform, easy-to-use, and scalable mobile solution.

Mobile Applications

Why Merit Solutions for Mobile Applications?

Fortune 500 Success

We have worked with Fortune 500 clients on recurring projects for the last 8 years – delivering 100% client satisfaction.

Microsoft MVP on our Team

An award given to exceptional technical community leaders who share their real world expertise in communities around the world.

History of Being First

We have a history of innovation, including being the first to develop Microsoft Dynamics apps for Windows 8.

History of Scale

Our mobile solutions are designed for scalability, and we have one of the largest mobile deployments using Xamarin.


We develop elastic and powerful architectures by leveraging cutting-edge technology and cross-platform mobile development tools.

Amazing Experiences

We design intuitive, easy-to-use mobile solutions that enable you to transform customer engagement and drive higher value.

We Are Fast

Take advantage of a robust set of pre-built integrations, templates, and app libraries to accelerate mobile solution design.

We Are Agile

Agile development allows for rapid, collaborative design – with near-real-time feedback, changes, and risk mitigation.

We Are Secure

We incorporate leading solutions for Security, MDM, MAM, and Identity and Access Management – keeping data protected.

Conquer Technology

Native, Web, or Hybrid. Android, iOS, or Windows. ERP, CRM, or QMS. Our team can build for and integrate it all.

Generate More Revenue

Clients use our mobile solutions to increase capacity, shrink response times, and increase value at the point of customer engagement.

Digital Excellence

We are more than mobile developers. We design innovative strategies that inspire companies to embrace the digital future.

Pre-Built App Library

Merit Solutions helps organizations make mobility a reality. From individual workflows to entire value streams, our team has enabled companies to mobilize critical business processes with functionality like:

  • Drop-feed work orders and work order management
  • GPS integration and real-time routing
  • Upsell and cross-sell capabilities
  • Payment processing and signature collection
  • Bluetooth printing or emailing of receipts
  • Customer profile management and order history
  • Processing of sales orders
  • Selecting sales orders by various criteria
  • Support while navigating through warehouse to locate appropriate shelves
  • Packing items in palettes as instructed by the sales order
  • Voice command support for working hands-free
  • Ability to run the exact same app on desktop, tablet, and phone

On-Demand Webinar Recording

Review our 30 minute webinar about making your mobile workforce more productive by transforming the types of business they can cost-effectively achieve on their (or your!) mobile devices.



Our proven end-to-end methodology includes working with clients throughout the entire process, from developing mobility strategies and technology plans through to the design and adoption of enterprise mobile applications. This Agile software development approach is:

  • User story driven and focuses on the needs of end users, keeping solutions lean. Every feature needs to incrementally add value to users or customers.
  • Transparent and collaborative, keeping clients informed and engaged. We encourage clients to be involved every step of the way, including prioritizing features, sprint planning, and review sessions.
  • Iterative and incremental, keeping predictable, time-bound Sprints. New solution features can be delivered and implemented quickly and frequently.
  • Flexible, keeping all options open. There is always the opportunity to reprioritize or add new features to the backlog to be included in the next Sprint.
  • Designed to increase quality, keeping value high. We continuously monitor every feature delivered, finding issues earlier and resolving them before they get bigger.

Merit Solutions provides tailored services and solutions that focus on reducing the risks associated with enterprise mobility projects while driving maximum value for clients.


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