Success Stories: Exceptional Experience Boosting Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score

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It has always been “the customer is king”, but in today’s connected, customer-centric world, this phrase is more important than ever. Customer experiences are influencing buying decisions at increasing rates, making net promoter scores (NPS) more critical to differentiating yourself in highly-competitive markets.
powering intelligent manufacturing

Manufacturers that have yet to make the move to digital business – those who continue operating in a traditional, siloed, or manual manner – are finding it increasingly challenging to meet and exceed customer demands. However, when companies make the leap, their ability to boost satisfaction and loyalty are unmatched. Learn about some of their revolutionary transformations below.


How their sales process changed through predictive analysis and AI

Brazil is Mercedes-Benz’s largest plant outside of Germany and is the leading manufacturer of trucks and buses. To support business decision making, Mercedes-Benz do Brasil invested in the the Microsoft Azure cloud to perform complex data analytics and reporting based on internal and external data.

After mapping out their sales process and opportunities for improvements, the company chose an Artificial Intelligence solution. Leveraging Azure Machine Learning, the company analyzed decades of license plate records, macroeconomic indicators, regulation, sales information and statistics by each region of the country. Power BI and Cortana Intelligence were used to provide further analysis of the data generated by Azure Machine Learning and promoted process optimization for them.


  • Deliver more consistent information to 180 service locations around Brazil, allowing each location to offer accurate proposals to the right clients at the perfect times. They can now stay ahead in a more proactive manner by mapping out scenarios in different sectors of the industry.
  • Azure Machine Learning supports reporting that dealers deliver to Mercedes-Benz by absorbing and refining the information. This way, more suitable offers can be presented to each client.
  • An AI mechanism to predict future leads and the future market.
  • The predictive model allows sales agents to engage with clients even before they have a perceived or expressed need.
  • Employees can better engage with clients and deliver higher quality service quicker – which leaves the client more satisfied when leaving the dealership thanks to a better price for the best product available.

“This project made us understand the actual meaning of Digital Transformation. Today we can develop much more intelligent and effective processes, and at the end of the day we are contributing to the goal of meeting the needs of our customer,” Ebru Semizer, Senior Manager of Market Intelligence for Trucks and Buses at Mercedes-Benz do Brasil

Ball Corporation

Global account management through CRM in the cloud

Founded in 1880, Ball Corporation has expanded into a global enterprise and serves many of the world’s best-known brands with packaging products. Headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado, Ball has deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in its North America and Europe divisions and is planning to make it available for its operations in Asia and South America. Both its customers and employees are benefiting from global, collaborative account management across geographical and organizational limits.

Bob Tettero, the Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Intelligence, said that after evaluating leading vendors, Microsoft CRM Online has the best potential to achieving their goals for meeting customer needs and managing these relationships on a global scale.


  • Tracking key performance indicators for each account across geographies; sales-to-budget and quality metrics.
  • With plans to expand to Asia and South America, the CRM solution can easily be scaled for these areas. Employees collaborate and document all their activities within the same resource online.
  • Automated workflows that trigger email notifications for key events like contract deadlines, contract creation approvals and account team activities
  • Integrations with Microsoft SharePoint supports easy management of customer-related documentation and data, including metal management analysis. Employees access the solution through their browser – managing customer accounts and interactions within a consistent, comfortable online user interface.  
  • A survey tool Ball uses is connected in CRM online and gathers customer feedback where they can measure their Net Promoter Score.
  • An extended view of their customers including news, events, individuals and market trends.
  • Lower IT costs with a single system for their global customer management across the organization.

“Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, it’s easy for us to scale to the global reach of even our largest customers and find ways to deliver the most valuable products in all their areas of engagement.” Bob Tettero: Dir. of Corporate Strategy and Business Intelligence


Virtual Agent through Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI

HP Inc. ships over 50 million PCs a year and, while selling their products, they are also selling the excellence of their support services. The company handles more than 600 million technical support contacts each year and through Microsoft technologies, they are striving to make every single contact a satisfying experience for the customer. HP Inc. has built a virtual agent that customers can interact with conversationally to solve common problems. The company is also gaining deeper insights into common customer issues through dashboards in Dynamics 365. 

The advanced AI solution from Microsoft provides HP an opportunity to handle all their technical support contacts. The virtual agent guides customers and provides answers on the issues at hand, if the virtual agent cannot answer their questions it is automatically passed on to a live agent. Artificial intelligence is boosting the productivity of each agent by also providing live agents with product information, specifications, etc.


  • One touch point that taps into all databases to streamline the process for employees – leading to a decrease in call handle times and customer wait times.
  • A dashboard to understand direct customer feedback with insight into key metrics on how the solution is performing and whether customer issues are being resolved or not.
  • Before HP would address 15 to 20 percent of their issues with the digital tools they had. Now, with the Virtual Agent and AI, they are handling close to 80 percent of all issues successfully.
  • Helping both customers and employees navigate through over 50,000 pages of HP product information.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty due to quick and accurate responses for challenges, issues, queries and support.  
  • HP included the virtual agent in the HP Support Assistant tool installed in every computer – bringing automatic updates, automated fixes and troubleshooters and personalized support directly to their customers.

“With the system dashboard, we can look in one place to understand more about direct customer feedback, see key metrics around how the system is performing, and whether or not it’s resolving customer problems.” LaChelle Porter-Ainer: Head of Digital Support and Contact Centers

Microsoft technologies are enabling manufacturers to drive true business transformation in Industry 4.0 by empowering employees, optimizing operations and transforming products and business models. Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Azure Business Platform provide a modern productivity platform that manufacturers and suppliers alike can use to achieve drive customer satisfaction and loyalty. Unifying the cloud, mobile, social and big data platforms helps the manufacturing industry embrace customer centricity, become more agile and flexible to innovate faster – ultimately increasing Net Promoter Scores through improved customer experience.

Merit Solutions is among the few Microsoft Partners worldwide capable of providing end to end digital transformation – from Microsoft Dynamics 365 to Azure Managed Services, the Internet of Things (IoT) to mobile applications – and everything in between. Find out why we’ve had a customer satisfaction score above 4 out of 5 for 17 quarters straight and partner with us to increase your Net Promoter Score this year.  

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