Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support and Azure Managed Services

With growth and profitability on the line – you can’t afford a failed project. Trust Merit Solutions to help you achieve
the outcomes you need with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support and Azure Managed Services

In today’s fast-paced business environment, your organization can hardly afford the frustration and inconvenience that comes with system downtime. But, the fact is, system-related issues occur.

Today’s industry leaders understand that the right level of support – timely responses from highly skilled and qualified experts – can be the difference between business success and business disruption.

With MeritCare Support from Merit Solutions, you can count on the help of a trained support team that knows your processes and configurations, enabling you to make the most of your solution and drive continuous business transformation and improvement.

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What is MeritCare?

MeritCare was established with the understanding that quality, timely support is imperative to maximizing the ROI from IT investments. MeritCare is a dedicated partnership that provides clients with real-time answers from real product experts.

MeritCare team members are not simply “Help Desk” volunteers that log incidents; they are with clients from the start of an implementation – meaning they are well-informed about each client’s unique business processes, not just the technology that is implemented. This provides confidence and assurance that requests for support will be resolved quickly and with the correct solution for each individual client.

When investing in Microsoft Dynamics 365 / AX, enrolling in a support plan like MeritCare is critical to a project’s success.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support and Azure Managed Services

Benefits of MeritCare

Maximize ROI

Leverage expert guidance and 24×7 critical issue resolution – freeing your people from routine, manual, or repetitive tasks and redeploying them to value-adding processes.

Real-Time, Real Answers

Most support requests can be resolved live, while on the phone with your dedicated Systems Analyst who knows your processes, customizations, and even your people.

Dedicated Partnership

Proactive, scheduled check-ins with key stakeholders to review IT systems health, assess service quality, and plan for longer term initiatives.

Flexible and Customizable

We recognize every company has different needs, and so we have created MeritCare to be a flexible and customizable program to offer the best value for each individual client.

We've Got Your Back

Build personal relationships with MeritCare team members who take your issues and challenges as personally as you do – and hold themselves accountable for your satisfaction.

Insurance Policy

MeritCare alleviates some of your people and business system knowledge risk in case somebody key within your organization transitions out of the company.

  • 24×7 Critical Issue
  • Resolution
  • Additional D365 / AX
  • Module Assistance
  • Application Monitoringand Maintenance (AOS/SQL)
  • D365 / AX Rescues
  • Bug Fixes 
  • Configuration As
  • sistance
  • Cumulative Roll Up
  • Support
  • Enhancement Request
  • Analysis
  • Environment
  • Management
  •  How-To/Best Practice Advice
  • ISV, 3rd Party, Reporting Support
  • Major Upgrade Assistance
  • Minor Enhancements/Data Requests (Forms, Reports, Interfaces)
  • Ongoing Training Sessions
  • Performance Optimization 
  • Security Modifications
  • Structured Incident Management 
  • Test Case Development
  • Workflow and Alert Management
  • 24×7 Critical Issue
  • Resolution
  • Active Directory
  • Replication Support
  • Backup (Disaster
  • Recovery)
  • Management
    Dedicated Partnership (Scheduled Checkins)
  • Dynamics ERP Application Monitoring (AOS/SQL)
  • Dynamics ERP Environment Refreshes
  • ERP Cloud Assessment
  • ERP Cloud Implementation/Migration
  • FTP, other Integration Services
  • MS Office, other Business Applications
  • Network Performance Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • Ongoing Managed Services
  • Security Administration
  • Server Maintenance
  • SQL Server Maintenance
  • Structured Incident Management
  • Virtualization Management
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support and Azure Managed Services

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