Microsoft Announcement on the Future of D365 Updates

To enable businesses everywhere to accelerate their digital transformation, Microsoft is continuously enhancing Dynamics 365 with new capabilities and real-time updates. Recently, the company announced a set of changes to the way Dynamics 365 updates are carried out. These changes will help organizations stay stable while adding features and transitioning to new initiatives.

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How Can Manufacturers Differentiate by Focusing on Customer Engagement?

For a long time, manufacturing was just about selling a good product. Now, companies relying solely on selling a good product find it hard to stand out in the crowd. With so much information available to customers for research and so many solutions in the market, today’s manufacturers are expected to provide the convenience that was so far only expected in the B2C customer engagement models.

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Achieving Digital Transformation with D365

Thirty years ago no one could have imagined what our world would look like – no, we don’t have flying cars or robot-butlers yet – but we do have digital transformation. Back then, advanced computers used to take up entire rooms and buildings; now, however, they’re made to fit inside our pockets, communicate with each other, and provide us with predictive data. They have reshaped our habits and lives.

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