How Can IoT Improve the Supply Chain?

IoT has become ubiquitous in enterprise technology. One place in which it’s beginning to play more of a role is in the supply chain. This technology can make the supply chain more efficient, more transparent, and give you a greater competitive advantage. Read on to learn how IoT can improve the supply chain.

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Why Inventory Needs to be Managed from a Single Vantage Point

John F. Kennedy International Airport is one of the world's most important transit hubs. With six terminals and 128 gates, the airport handled 59 million passengers in 2017. Naturally, each gate and each flight that operates from any given gate is a part of a centralized system that is able to take into account other flights as well as external factors to create an optimal schedule and ensure operational efficiency.

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How ERP Systems Can Help You Overcome Real-Time Supply Chain Challenges

The real-time supply chain is supposed to be a boon to the enterprise: it provides greater visibility, you can make better decisions, and your risk management is improved.

However, the real-time supply chain isn’t completely free of problems. The benefits you reap from it diminish greatly if you don’t know how to use it. What’s the solution? ERP systems can help you overcome those challenges so that your firm remains agile and competitive.


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