The Value of Merit’s Apps and Innovation Team

January 24, 2020

A vast majority of organizations handle business processes with more than one ERP solution. Even though powerful and versatile end-to-end systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365 exist, the reality is, some aspects of your business are going to go through 3rd party apps and add-ons. This is completely understandable for a multitude of reasons, but it’s also where challenges with integration can loom. Getting everything to work with your main system, exchange data accurately and remain practical to use sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. This is where Merit’s Apps and Innovation Team excels.

Complementing Strengths with Innovation

Merit Solutions is among the few Microsoft partners capable of complementing your system with additional capabilities on any platform and any device. Whether it’s IoT, Machine Learning capabilities or applications your employees use on iOS, Android or Windows, we know how to put it together – because we already have.

Our Apps and Innovation team builds integrations which make your user experience is smoother, not more complex. We enable effortless connections between multiple systems, apps, platforms and sources of data. To tie everything together, we design user interfaces which are simple to use, and let you take complete control of complex business processes intuitively.

Adding Value on Three Levels

In today’s fast-paced technology market, organizations rely on talented people to support their business and technological goals. Some would classify themselves as IT experts, others as consultants, but rarely will you find a partner capable of devising a project and following through on it in its entirety, setting it up in a way which enables long-term success.

Rather than identifying ourselves as a tech team or a group of pure business consultants, we have significant experience in both areas.  This combination of talents translates into a holistic approach that leverages organized data to simplify your path to reaching important strategic decisions based on organized data. This way of thinking has enabled us to become proactive when solving challenges and build applications tailored to the business processes of Life Sciences organizations.

Merit Solutions’ Apps and Innovations team operates in three major transformational steps.

Existing State Analysis and Consulting

Before even thinking about developing apps to complement and enhance your main ERP system, we want to understand the current state of your business processes. We chart them using easily understandable workflows and look for inefficiencies, gaps, and ways to counter each problem. We capture customers’ goals and envision a path to achieve them. We make suggestions based on our industry expertise and work on setting up an infrastructure which will give you better, more pertinent data.

Simplifying day-to-day processes

Once our customers decide on the path they want to take, we deliver the solution through incremental improvements. ROI starts with better user experience, which translates into simplifying day-to-day processes and driving time and resource efficiencies. We design apps capable of handling tasks integral to your business: issue resolution, troubleshooting, warehouse management, cross-comparing data, field service, tasks performed in offline mode and many more. These apps add even more granular control and refinement to your main ERP solution because we fine tune them to your exact needs.

It’s our job to ensure that the complex architecture behind all of this is always invisible to the end user. All that remains is an interface which is easy to navigate, and lets your employees focus on what’s most important to their specific roles.


Merit Solutions understands IT decision makers choose Microsoft’s ecosystems because of its integrated approach. Whether it’s Power BI, SharePoint, Teams, Office365 or Dynamics 365, you’ve got data seamlessly flowing from one environment to the other, so you’re solving problems using one centralized workspace.

We decided to partner with the Redmond-based giant 20 years ago for the same reason. However, we’ve proven we can take the integration capabilities of a system such as Dynamics 365 to the next level of customization for our partners. Everything we make is compatible with every other part of your system. Data from our solutions seamlessly rolls back into D365 F&O or Power BI, allowing you to tailor your experience and extract crucial nuggets of data pertinent to your decision-making processes.

Instead of just registering crashes and errors, entire business processes and events are recorded and tracked. Actions such as scanning with a barcode reader or camera, GPS tracking, transferring equipment from one warehouse to another and cycle counting are all presented in real time. Statistics about your inventory, the efficiency of your employees or equipment are all there for you to use for optimization purposes.

When creating value on these three levels, we are proud to deliver transformational changes that progress in unison and harmony. The benefits you’ll reap from complementing a base ERP system with finely tuned additions in the form of apps and business process optimizations are immeasurable. Except that they are measurable – and we’re more than willing to show you how they will impact your ROI. Click here to contact us and find out more about the Apps and Innovation team.