Merit Solutions for
Regulated Manufacturing

Merit Solutions for Regulated Manufacturing

Our comprehensive regulated manufacturing solutions are tailored to meet your unique requirements and transform your business processes to improve profitability and efficiency.

Take control of your Supply Chain

Our solutions create actionable data while improving inventory accuracy from lot traceability to enhanced production reporting.


Enforce system controls to prevent engaging with non-qualified vendors.

Create, plan, and manage vendor audits to reduce downtime.


From real-time lot status visibility to material movement traceability – simplify and accelerate your processes.

Configure, create, and capture all material details and transactions electronically.


Meet GMP requirements, enforce digital controls and ensure compliance for FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11. 


Shorten order production and delivery times by streamlining your supply chain.

Leverage our model driven planning engines with actionable insights to order and produce materials and meet your demand.


Dedicated, role-based quality solutions with additional inspection points and electronic signature capabilities tailored to the standards of regulated manufacturers. 

Transformation in Action

Marketplace Specialist Intern

Marketplace Specialist *Internship program* About Merit and HealthEquip HealthEquip is a digital exchange that speeds safe, compliance verified PPE to those that need it most. 

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