Achieving Digital Transformation with D365 and Merit for Life Science

August 16, 2018

The world of business is catching up to these changes and enterprises are now utilizing new technologies to remain agile, cut costs and better target growth opportunities. Knowing when to act, what decision to make, and how to handle your customers and employees becomes much easier if you have an intelligent, self-evolving system at your disposal.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more than a set of solutions that lets you effectively run your operations – it’s a gateway to digital transformation and a system designed to handle unknown challenges as they come. Here are some of the technologies D365 leverages to ensure organizations across industries retain their competitive edge on any market:

The Cloud

Moving your operations to a cloud-based platform has countless benefits. A digitalized infrastructure for your data means no physical limitations can hinder your growth – you can collect, sort and intertwine data to get the best out of your past experiences and make decisions more quickly. You can upgrade the way your business processes are being handled effortlessly, ensuring your organization is always compliant and gets the newest security measures as soon as they come out. The Cloud is essentially a real-time ecosystem of upgrades and innovations. In order to react to sudden changes, Dynamics 365 has to rely on its agility and adaptability. It is able to do so thanks to Microsoft’s increasingly powerful Azure cloud platform.


AI is already a game-changer. Imagine your machines and devices communicating, exchanging data, predicting mishaps and nipping them in the bud before they even occur. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Well, these technologies are a lot closer to us than one would think. Powered by decades of research, Microsoft is making huge strides to implement Artificial Intelligence throughout Dynamics 365 – and it’s not just for sorting data and creating insights. AI can be used to significantly cut time-wasting and automate tasks such as customer service. Microsoft has also developed a virtual agent for customer care, an intelligent assistant for customer service staff and a conversation management tools – and it’s already being used by the Australian Government Department of Human Services.

Flexibility + Scalability

Being able to segment your business processes into small pieces and add or remove system features is another tactic D365 employs in order to help organizations reach digital transformation more gradually and organically. When switching to Dynamics 365, you can choose not to have drastic changes and ease the transition into the future by building your solutions block by block. CFOs usually say you can’t track the ROI of ERP system, but Microsoft’s move to introduce easy to implement, modular SaaS apps can change that. If you don’t like a feature, simply remove it and track the changes immediately.


If Microsoft’s stock solutions aren’t enough to satisfy specific industry needs, worry not – you can count on the Dynamics 365 community to help you achieve digital transformation. The Power Platform is a network of tailor-made solutions designed by businesses for businesses. This adds a lot more depth to your digital capabilities, as custom solutions can help you gain the edge over your competition and enable continuous improvement. Organizations can choose from more than 2700 apps and use the platform to share some of their own insights along the way.

As is the case with almost anything in life, staying passive and expecting good things to happen is a risky way to go. Dynamics 365 provides users with the tools to stabilize their organizations and proactively foray into the digital era. As we’ve already explained in our blog regarding the necessity of digital transformation: “The companies that look to stay competitive in this new landscape need to have their top leadership take intentional steps to construct and follow through on their transformational initiatives.”

The willingness to evolve and adapt is the first step towards digital transformation. Don’t miss the chance to take the initiative and partner up with Merit Solutions and Microsoft in order to future-proof your endeavors and be the one disrupting markets.