This East Coast Life Sciences manufacturer required advanced quality and compliance functionalities to meet FDA requirements.


Our customer, a leading global immunotherapy provider, had been using NetSuite ERP for years but was experiencing pains from outgrowing the system. ​They also had challenges with NetSuite’s functionality, finding that it was not well suited to support the intricate needs of regulated Life Sciences manufacturing environments. 


The organization evaluated Microsoft Dynamics 365 against Oracle ERP for their replacement. Dynamics allowed for a more flexible, gradual implementation process, whereas Merit Solutions for Life Sciences provided advanced quality and compliance functionalities needed to meet FDA requirementsMerit Solutions’ deep Life Sciences expertise contributed to optimizing the organization’s complex supply chain processes. 


Our customer initially focused on Financials, implementing 20 Dynamics 365 licenses. However, the entire organization’s growing needs meant that manufacturing, supply chain, inventory and warehousing improvements needed to happen swiftly. Merit for Life Sciences modernized all of these processes, which meant the organization could grow and meet regulatory requirements with much less effort. They went on to triple their user count in a short amount of time.​